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Fresh fish

We deliver fresh seasonal fish to any part of Japan.
Our experienced buyers purchase the types of fish well know to be caugt in northern Kyushu at the fish markets in the area and deliver them fresh to mass merchandiser markets and the central markets all over Japan.

※We don't sell to individual costomers. Your understanding is highly appreciated.


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PDFList of fish we deal with (PDF:134KB)

Name of fish Scientific name Spring Summer Fall  Winter
Snapper Sea bream Sacura margaritacea    
Yellowback sea brream Dentex tumifrons
Crimson sea bream Evynnis japonica  
Red tile fish Branchiostegus
golden threadfin bream  Nemipterus virgatus  
Rockfish Rockfish Sebastiscus marmoratus
Horse mackerel Horse mackerel Trachurus japonicus    
Amberfish D. maruadsi   
Mackerel Mackerel Scomber japonicus    
Mackerel Scomber australasicus    
Tuna Pacific bluefin tuna  Thunnus orientalis  
Yellow tail Yellow tail Seriola quinqueradiata    
Greater amberjack Seriola dumerili  
Yellowtail amberjack Seriola lalandi
Thread-sail filefish  Stephanolepis cirrhifer  
Unicorn leatherjacket Aluterus monoceros  
Black scraper  Thamnaconus modestus  
Bonito Bonito Katsuwonus pelamis     
striped bonito Sarda orientalis  
  Longtooth grouper Epinephelus bruneus       
Other fish Angler Lophius      
Grunt Parapristipoma trilineatum  
Barracuda Sphyraenidae    
Cutlass fish Trichiurus lepturus    
Flounder Pleuronectidae  
Squid Oval squid Sepioteuthis lessoniana  
Southern squid  Uroteuthis edulis    
Cuttlefish Sepiidae    
Paific flying squid Todarodes pacificus  
Shellfish Turban shell Turbo cornutus       
Abalone Haliotis Linnaeus    

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