Sanyo Corporation

Product line up


  • Bait we produce for fish farming are very fresh and popular both fresh and frozen.
    Please feel free to contact us regarding the type of fish and specification including Japanese sardine, small size mackerel and horse mackerel, and other types of fish for bait.(2/July/2018)
  • Popular products- Filleted horse mackerel.
    Popular for sashimi and sushi.(2/July/2018)
  • Sanyo Cho-shi factory opening will be end of this year.
    Specialized for production of mackerel, yellowtail, sardine for our customers in Egypt, West Africa, Vietnam, China, Malaysia in Cho-shi "biggest fish of mackerel port in Japan"(2/July/2018)
  • Announcement
    TOHTO SUISAN CO.,LTD The70th annual shareholders meeting, Mr Nagatani Koichiro was elected Director.(27/June/2018)