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将来を見つめた 新たな水産に挑戦

As the president of Sanyo Co., Ltd, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continuours support to us

Since the establishment in 1991, we have been making our best efforts with 'Challenge' as a slogan. As a new comer in the marine industry, we experienced a lot of difficulty at the beginning. We, however, have acquired a technique of finding the problems and their solutions from a new point of view on the process of overcoming the hurdles.

As a result of conducting business with totally new methods in this industry, we were able to grow in a relatively short period. I also believe it was my passion which is stronger than anyone else and efforts of all the employees that has made our success possible. I also would like to appreciate the support for our growth of all the people in not only in the same industry but also in the different fields.

The marine industry has existed where business can create high profits. It has a long history since Japan is a county surrounded by oceans and fish is a traditional diet for Japanese people. In these days, however, the averageconsumption of fish of per person has become smaller than that of meat and people are eating less and less fish. Japan used to be the top buyer of marine foods but not any more. I believe something should be done to change the current marine food market system.

Our company has acquired the purchasing rights in local ports including Fukuoka, Karatsu, Matsuura, Sasebo, Nagasaki and Hirado and has opened branches at the same time. Each branch has experienced buyers who purchase fresh and tasty fish and deliver them to every part of Japan. We are a wholesaler of marine products and in the center of Sanyo group which has a coherent system from purchasing to sales, consisting of West Japan Foods Co., Ltd., a marine food processing company, Marusan Foods Co., Ltd, Uoshin Co., Ltd. an intermediate wholesaler, and Sanyo Service Co., Ltd. which is in charge of loading. By making the system more consistent, we are determined to build a new business model in the marine industry and will make further effort to be part of it.

We hope for your support and cooperation,Thank you.

President, Sanyo Corporation           

Koichiro Nagatani